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I took the liberty of starting my website with the words of William Shakespeare from his famous "Hamlet". Of course, saying this phrase Hamlet didn't mean the anaesthetists of his time, but they do correspond to the anaesthesiologists and their patients. This phrase was chosen as a motto of the 10th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in the Hague, the Netherlands.

I think that Anaesthesiology is the most intellectual medical specialty. Anaesthesiology is physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, cardiology and many other medical disciplines applied to the most severe and acute situations the human organism can ever be found in. The anaesthesiologist should have a very special character along with sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to manage the vital functions of patients and protect them from surgical or other aggression in his everyday practice.

I have the pleasure to dedicate all my abilities, knowledge and skills to the development of the art and science of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care being one of those who "must watch while some must sleep" or even be awake on the operating table during surgery. It is also a great honour for me to apply all my efforts to teach my students and residents, those who were brave enough to choose this difficult specialty, which requires exclusive mental, physical and psychological abilities and tensions.

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Dr. Armen Varosyan, MD, DEAA, PhD

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