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The historian, journalist, bibliografpher, Tigran Petrosiants, was born in 1951 in a village Vardenis  area of Aparan  Armenian SSR (nowadays marz Aragatsotn, Republic Armenia). Has ended the Yerevan state pedagogical institute of a name  Khachatur Abovian, then aspirant of the given institute on a speciality " a History of the Armenian people".

In 1970-72 he served in  of the Soviet Army. In 1973-83 worked by the literary employee of the regional newspaper "Tsakgunq", and with 1976 - responsible secretary of the newspaper. In 1983-85 worked the director of high school of village Vardenut  area of Aparan. In 1985-87 head of a department of culture of Aparan a district council. In 1987-89 - scientific secretary of a Society  on protection of monuments to a history and culture Armenian SSR. In 1988-91  worked the teacher in the Yerevan state pedagogical institute of a name Khachatur Abovian. In 1991-95  deputy of regional council Aparan.

Voluntary participated in battle actions on a defense Artsakh (Nagorni Karabakh). There was the  batallion commander, assistant of the commander of a part, assistant of the head of department MD RA, a chief of working structure of the assistant MD RA.

In republican press are issued of more forty his proceedings.He is the author of the popular scientific book “ Historick-architectural monuments of Nig-Aparan ”, and also numerous sketches, such as “the Lovely ladies of the Armenian ground ” (journal variant), “Armorial bearings  of Armenians princes ” (newspaper variant), books “The Bibliography of historick-architectural monuments of Nig-Aparan”, “The Bibliography of Zarzand Darian ”. Edited the book “Andranik” A. Hakobian and A. Mnacakanian. Was the founder and publisher of the newspapers “Anberd” (1989-90), “Hayreniac vahan” (1996) and journal "Hayreniqi martik" (2000-2001).

T. Petrosiants  is awarded with medals “ For battle merits ” RA, “ For courage ” NKR, “Marshal Bagramian-100 ” MD RA  and “ Parent gratitude ” NKR.