E. Khanikyants,  A. Sarkissian

A. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute)

2 Alikhanyan Br. Street, Yerevan, Armenia, 0036


We presents results of application and some modifications of  laser technological complex Hebr -1A" based on CW CO2 laser with power of about 1 kW with wavelength of 10.6 µm  for cutting of metals and non-metallic materials. Closed-loop water cooling system based on use of inter connected three water tanks each with  capacity of one cubic meters was introduced to provide cost/benefit operation of the system. The modes of (i) gas laser cutting through material melting by focused beam and melt blowing and (ii) gas laser cutting in the presence of oxidant(oxygen) as assist gas with melt blowing out were applied. Some preliminary researches directed at thermal splitting of non-metallic fragile materials were also conducted. The focused spot of laser beam 2rf  (double radius) and the depth of focus Zf  were estimated as 0.3-0.4 mm and  as 3.3-5.8mm correspondingly depending on operation regime.  It means that maximum average laser radiation intensity in the focused spot near the surface of materials to be cut is around or less 105 W/cm2 .

Fig. 1. Cutting in stainless steel plate: length-2000mm, width-770mm, thickness  -1.2mm  

Some changes were done in software provided that allowed operation of laser system in a more convenient way and reduce the time necessary to prepare the materials for cutting. Application of coatings with high coefficients of absorption applied to aluminum alloys and brass allowed cutting of these materials with enough high quality with relatively lower values of power of CO2 -laser that are usually used for these purposes (see Fig. 1). In the end we present the description of samples that were cut with CO2 laser system under different regimes of operation.

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See 1 kW CO2 laser cutting of metal plates with thickness of 5mm in Yerevan Institute of Physics (YerPhI) in 2015 on You Tube

CO2 laser cutting 1
CO2 laser cutting 2

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