My Friends

These are my friends and I want to introduce them briefly to the visitor. The photo takes us back to April, 1995.

The first one from the left is Aram. To say only that this is a great guy is to say nothing about him. He can do anything or almost anything, as his name suggests, since he is extremely talented in many different fields. I would only mention that he is very good painter, programmer and an entrepreneur. His background, however, is economics as well as mine and my other friends'. As a person he is very generous and calm, yet very practical and self-confident, although, just a bit adventurer. But better ask him about that when he is in a good mood. Is a manager in VLV currently. Married, has twins: a boy Daniel and a girl Яна.

Then comes Pavel, camp leader, marketing expert, controversial economist and a person of irresistible charm. He has done a lot to make Yerevan an eco-friendly city but that did not prove to be profitable at all for a long-term work, so he had to move into different direction. That made him marketing specialist and his last occupation was product promotion manager in a major Yerevan food company. He plays guitar very well. He has traveled a lot and got friends in different parts of the world. Married, has a daughter Nane and two boys: Tigran and Aram.

My Armenian friends

I am in the middle and next to me is Ararat, my main opponent in matters of economic theory and its applications in modern reality. I have to admit however (but not to him), that his views are more balanced and supported by arguments that mine; sometimes :) He is also graduate of Economics Department at our alma-mater. His career develops quite successfully as he knows definitely what he wants, and how to get it. He's been a CFO in Samara branch of FINCA - global microfinance company. Last year - in 2016, he migrated to Canada and now lives in Montreal with his family. Is a person of highest moral and intellectual maturity and a great friend. Married, has two sons: Erik and Martin.

The last one from the left side is Tom. He always rushes somewhere and only God knows where exactly. He doesn't like speaking much, I would say at times he does not speak at all. He likes and plays well chess and likes watching football games. I never took over him in chess, despite the fact that I attended chess for 5 years. He has magic laugh that makes others laugh as well, but when he gets angry we know that it is better to stay away from him. He has worked long years at Central Depository of Armenia, but on March, 2013 he moved to USA along with his family after winning a Green Card in lottery. Served in the army. Married, has 2 daughters: Varduhi and Eliza and a boy - Vahe.

And finally there comes Vardan. Obviously, Jean Reno looks like him. He used to be nice football player, which I never had a chance to see :) He does not hurry at all, but he manages his schedule pretty well. He is the only one of us, who had never taken an emigration path and that was the best bet. He has refined manners and habits, strong moral and personal beliefs and good leadership abilities. Vardan has defended his PhD thesis in economics, making a breakthrough in the issue of economic safety. Now he works in the State Procurement Agency. Served in the army. Married, has a son Samvel and a girl Angelina.