In loving memory of Iskandar Salikhov.

What do you say when you see mighty powers of mother Nature turn the world outside into a cold, empty and stormy darkness. When you look in awe and fear at the face of the Chaos and realize that nothing can stop it unless it's gone by itself whenever it wants to. Nothing. It's gone when it's gone or when you're gone.

There is a huge feeling of injustice when a young man dies, moreover when your friend dies. That should not happen to him! That's all wrong! Deadly match that started almost 9 years ago and which was lost in the very beginning of the fight. Then followed long years of struggle with the Unknown in the state of coma. There was no miracle: it took him after long and painful struggle.

Many years have passed since we exchanged our last words with Iskandar, but I still have him in my thoughts and in my personal habits. He transformed me so much that I am other person after knowing him. He was unforgettable fellow; he had incredible personal charm; a knight that was born in XX century.

I am glad having a chance to be his friend. For seeing how honor and self-esteem can be the core of human nature. For seeing how accurate and clean a single man can be. For learning how smart and diplomatic you can be in winning sympathy of every little dorm or University official as well as student's hearts.

Knocking to his door.
- Iskandar, forgot to buy bread, can you spare me 2 pieces for supper?
He always took his bread, cut in 2 equal parts giving me the half. I always said "that's too much" and got away with that.

Studying, working in Prague was difficult time for me. Time for learning on mistakes and there were many of them. We could quarrel with him, but there was always that mutual respect.

I was always surprised at 2 things: how people knowing him were becoming his fans and how did he know things that he knew. Unbelievable charisma and wisdom. He had so many doors open for him... And there was that trap always nearby waiting for him, alerting him when he was to relax too much.

Asthma challenged him to accept it's control and kneel down. He must have been passively and quietly obeying it, accepting the illness and need for special care. Anyone knowing Iskandar realize that it must have been different person to accept those terms. He fought to the end. Standing.

We, his friends asked him for being more careful but he knew already that something's coming. He told me few times "Ara, I am dying" but I would not believe him. We all thought, probably, that we were always next to him and ready for help.

And then that tragedy has happened. Many things came together as it always happens to take us by surprise, yet again. Mobile phone left in the room, crowded tram and long, too long distance uphill to dorm for reaching the medicine.

I keep that shocking feeling till now, when I first knew what happened. What if? What if I was there with him that day? What if mobile phone was by Pogos? What if Iskandar agreed to accept help that day till it was not too late? What if he was laid flat until emergency came, instead of being sat straight?

As if I needed proofs about self-determination and greatest love that his family had about Iskandar. All that 1 person can achieve all possible means were taken by his mother. We all helped as much as we could. What if we knew the secrets that could bring back his consciousness?

Iskandar well deserved to be now in the place he dreamed about. May be driving a nice open car into the sunset and smoking his Marlboro and ocean breeze playing with his hairs.

You live in our memories, you live in our hearts. Say hello to our Lord.