Karen Petrosyan





Marital Status


Date of birth

July 28, 1975

Email: pkaren@freenet.am



Sep. 2003- Oct. 2003

Academy of Information Systems, Moscow, Russia

Cisco IP Telephony (V.3.1)

Certificate upon completion received.


Feb. 2003- Feb. 2003

Academy of Information Systems, Moscow, Russia

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

Certificate upon completion received.



Architecture University, Yerevan, Armenia

Industrial and Civil Engineering Faculty

Specialty: Engineer-Builder


1996 - 1997

Mitk-1 computer training cooperative, Yerevan, Armenia

Took Microsoft Word, Excel, CorelDraw, HTML, Visual Basic and Dial-Up script training courses.



Service in RoA army, Armenia



1993 - 1994

Collage of Republican Olympic Reserves, Yerevan, Armenia

Chess faculty

First grade chessman.

Able to play chess with closed eyes: without watching chessboard.




School #108,112

High school certificate received.




2004-to present

Int@rnet Ltd, Yerevan, Armenia


        Developed organizational budget broken down for departments on monthly bases.

        Participated at employee recruitment interviews.

        Maintained communication with leading companies in VoIP business and academic institutions in the field.

        Established employee performance evaluation system and maintained performance schedule using a Microsoft Project database.

        Based on employee performance evaluation results, through department supervisors assured availability of concurrent performance development plans for each employee to specify their needs in training, mentoring, coaching and other assistance.

        Managed employee hiring/firing process based on their performance evaluation results, which have been in advance discussed between employee and supervisor.



Int@rnet Ltd, Yerevan, Armenia

Technical director

        Sales/procurement on International VoIP bourses.

        Consulted several American and Swis companies on contemporary VoIP network and billing organization/administration.



Int@rnet Ltd, Yerevan, Armenia

Systems engineer & customer service at server/clients site. 

Duties included: 

         CISCO routers, VoIP- Cisco, WPN, ATA Quantum, etc. configuration.

         Installation/configuration of Radio modems.

         Local Area Network (LAN)/Mail Servers,

         Carried out system troubleshooting and support at server and clients site.

         Installation / configuration  of Dial-Up networking, TCP/IP software, DOS/OS/Linux Operating Systems, Windows 3.x/9x/NT/ME/2000/XP, modems / other hardware drivers, various browsers & mail software.

         Computer hardware maintenance and troubleshooting.



HUYS-88 local NGO, Yerevan, Armenia

Volunteering after regular working hours.

Developed/maintained the NGOs simple Website.



Mitk-1 Cooperative, Yerevan, Armenia

MS Word and Excel teacher


Computer skills:


Cisco systems

MS Windows NT 4.0 Server; MS Windows 2000 Server Red Hat Linux ;


Norton Commander 5.0; Volkov Commander 4.99; Windows Commander 4.51;

Office Programs:

Microsoft Office 97/2000/2003/XP, Corel Suite 7.0/8.0.

HTML Coding :

FrontPage 98/2000/2002; HTML;

Graphics editing and preparing for Web

PhotoShop; Corel Draw ;  GIF Animator, Macromedia Flash4,5;

Micrographics picture publisher .

Programming skills:

Microsoft Visual Basic, C/C++


Armenian, Russian - Fluent, English proficient.

Other skills

Touch typing speed is 25 WPM.


Chess, Computers and Sport.



Extracurricular Activities:


Nov. 2003- Nov. 2003

Comptec LTD, Moscow, Russia


International Conference on IP telephony

Armenia Representative.


Feb. 2004- Feb. 2004

Comptec LTD, Moscow, Russia


International Conference on IP telephony

Armenia Representative.