z0mbie's hp: news archive

20.05.04: TheBat! plugin updated to version 0.7
10.05.04: joiner2 source is now available
07.04.04: TheBat! plugin updated to version 0.62
01.04.04: TheBat! plugin updated to version 0.6
29.03.04: TheBat! plugin updated to version 0.52
17.02.04: Winamp Controller (open-source)
18.02.04: new version(0.36) of  TheBat! plugin
26.01.04: TheBat plugin page has moved to nobat.ru, mirror page for freenet users is still available
23.01.04: Blinker 0.1 in progs
13.01.04: TheBat! plugin updated(new macro-%INETTIME)
22.10.03: plugin for TheBat with some Macros  in misc
15.08.03: SSTlauncher 0.1 in progs
11.07.03: new mirrors for progs
03.07.03: updated progs section, still looking for hosting
30.06.03: i have to remove progs from site, now looking for hosting
21.06.03: Updated mailbomber,as some mailservers weren't allowing it to send msgs,x-mailer header is now changeable
16.06.03: HTTP_RAT 0.31 - sending mail is now optional + shows some info about hardware and computer users(in 2k/xp)
10.06.03: HTTP_RAT 0.3 - can now delete/execute files + some bugfixes
09.06.03: HTTP_RAT 0.21 - settings(mail,smtp server) r now encrypted
02.06.03: site is removed from Circle.am
30.05.03: HTTP_RAT 0.2 - ability to kill running processes + fixed bug with firewalls in win2k/xp
28.05.03: HTTP_RAT 0.1c - it's now possible to specify more than 1 smtp servers
20.04.03: IPTool 1.1(a bug fixed, local ip was always
09.04.03: hp redesigned,no frames
26.03.03: HTTP_RAT 0.1b(can now close firewalls)
18.03.03: new banners
14.03.03: HTTP_RAT 0.1a
31.02.03: POP3 password recovery tool released. open-source
15.01.03: Joiner 2.5 (some bugs fixed, closes almost all antiviruses/firewalls)
30.11.02: HTML source Encoder/Optimizer released
27.11.02: joiner 2.41 released
23.11.02: removed downloads section, updated faq
16.11.02: undetectable joiner 2.4 with some bugfixes
27.09.02: Joiner 2.4 (smaller size, bilingual interface) 
21.09.02: antiAntivirus is now smaller(10kb, loader-4.5kb) 
07.08.02: undetectable versions of PseudoRAT, antiAntivirus and ZGet
21.07.02: smallTrojan is now open-source
17.07.02: AntiAntivirus1.2 is now detected by AVP as TrojanDropper.Win32.Small.t , replaced with AntiAntivirus 1.3
14.06.02: Drag'n'Drop Filler1.0 in my progs section
03.06.02: SmallTrojan0.1 in my progs section (size is 5kb)
31.05.02: WinCaptor in my progs section
24.05.02: removed ISPs section, added GuestBook
21.05.02: replaced PseudoRAT(Backdoor.ZomRat.01) with undetectable version
19.05.02: Joiner 2.2 in my progs section(added "change icon" option)
15.05.02: OutGluck Mailer in my progs section
15.05.02: replaced PseudoRAT(Trojan.Downloader.ZombPrat.01b) with undetectable version, & AVP now detects my MailBomber(Spammer.Mail.ZombBomber)
13.05.02: added some features to Joiner 2
11.05.02: Joiner 2 with new options in my progs section
09.05.02: replaced WormTrojan(Trojan.PSW.Worm.10), Joiner(TrojanDropper.Win32.Antivrus.10) & antiAntiVirus(Trojan.Win32.Zimbo) with undetectable versions
08.05.02: *** viewer is now smaller(2.79kb),thanx to SMoKE
08.05.02: KeyLogger in my progs section
04.05.02: *** viewer(open-source) in my progs section
23.04.02: added sources section
20.04.02: fixed bug in source protecter
19.04.02: added FAQ section
17.04.02: writing new trojan instead of my Trojan(2),it'll be smaller & with more features.
17.04.02: AVP detects my Trojan(2) as Trojan.PSW.Zombie,& i have discovered that i've lost it's sources,so there won't be undetectable version.
02.04.02: got a message from Kaspersky Lab :]
02.04.02: AVP detects PseudoRAT as Backdoor.Pudorat,replaced it with undetectable version
23.03.02: AVP detects WormTrojan as I-Worm.Wotron,replaced it with undetectable version
17.03.02: pseudoRAT in my progs section
12.03.02: open-sourceSPAMmerTOOL in my progs section
10.03.02: AntiViruses detect files joined with Joiner, replaced it with undetectable version
07.03.02: ZMailer (open-source mailer) in my progs section
25.02.02: AVP detects zGet 1.0b created files as TrojanDownloader.Win32.Small.c ,replaced it with undetectable version
24.02.02: exe->vbs converter in my progs section
21.02.02: updated WormTrojan (added desinfector)
19.02.02: WormTrojan (configurator) in my progs section
18.02.02: AVP now recognizes files processed with antiAntiVirus 1.0 as PSW.Barrio.50 (?!),replaced it with antiAntiVirus 1.1[undetectable]
17.02.02: added "about me" section,renamed zombies section
06.02.02: IPToolv1.0 in my progs section
28.01.02: my trojan v2.0 now sends dialup & cached passwds+some new options
24.01.02: new version[1.2] of trojan in my progs section
23.01.02: Counter Code Generator online version
20.01.02: added online tools section
19.01.02: source protecter online version is available
17.01.02: thinkin' of making my programs open-source.
16.01.02: source protecter in my progs section
15.01.02: added news frame

--end of news--