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someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way
net zombies
The image of a user's session on IRC and similar systems, left when the session has been terminated (properly or, often, improperly) but the server (or the network at large) believes the connection is still active and belongs to a real user.
unix zombies

A process that has died but has not yet relinquished its process table slot.

toxic zombies
brought back by radiation or chemicals; usually flesh-eating
demon zombies
reanimated by demon, devil or other evil spirit

voodoo zombies

brought back by a voodoo master
diseased zombies
vague type spread by infection
unsettled zombies
return because of some unfinished business of some sort, usually revenge or love
alien zombies
brought back by aliens; usually to serve them as an aid in taking over the Earth
techno zombies
reanimated by technology; implanting a computer chip in the brain, etc.
electric zombies
brought back by a shock from electricity of some sort
philosophical zombies
these are found in philosophical articles on consciousness. Their defining features is that they lack conscious experience, but are behaviorally (and often physically) identical to normal humans.
haitian zombies
these are found in the voodoo tradition in Haiti. Their defining feature seems to be that they lack free will, and perhaps lack a soul. Haitian zombies were once normal people, but underwent zombification by a "bokor" through spell or potion, and are afterwards used as slaves.


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