3ds max 6 service pack 1

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3ds max 6


endorphin gives your 3D character a physical body and real-time
intelligence. You have complete control: direct your character's actions,
push him, hit him, change your mind - all in real-time. When you're happy
with your animation, export crisp clean motion capture data.
With spectacular turn-around times and superb animation quality, endorphin
places a high-throughput personal Virtual Motion Capture Studio on your
own desktop.
endorphin makes extensive use of new AI technology, but it's been tamed to
work for you, making endorphin the new leading light in procedural

Alpha Version Available Here

Coming soon...

The free trial demo of 3ds max 6 will be available for download in October 2003.

ANNNOUNCEMENT: Discreet launches 3ds max 6
PRODUCT & VERSION: 3ds max™ 6
PRICING: $3,495 US
AUDIENCE: Professional 3D animators, artists and designers
MARKETS: Games, Design Visualization, Film/Video Effects, Education, Government, Corporate, and Web
USER BASE: 180,000+ worldwide
LAUNCH: Siggraph 2003 – San Diego, CA – July 29-31st

New 3ds max With Built In Mental Ray Renderer

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