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    In November 2000 Association together with Earth Council started the program dedicated to the Rio+10 process. In the framework of this program Association and Earth Council organized the following events:

  • With assistance of the Commission of Social, Health and Environmental Issues of the National Assembly of RA organized on November 6-7, 2000 the Regional Orientation Workshop "Preparation to the World Summit "Rio+10" and on November 8 - the National Conference on Earth Charter with participation of NGO-s from Georgia and Azerbajdian.
  • In assistance of UN DPI and Union of Journalists of RA the Journalist competition was organized in March 2001 in the framework of announced by UN contest "101 ways to Sustainable Development" .
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Armenia with the generous support of the Armenian Bar Association (a US non-profit organization) the exhibition-contest "Agenda 21 in Children's Eyes" was organized in June 2001. The pictures of winners in two age groups were presented in the exhibition during the Summit in Johannesburg.
    The corresponding reports together with the results of competitions was presented to CSD/DESA and Earth Council and located in WSSD Web-site.
  • On June 1, 2001 the Association organized the National Conference to discuss the non-governmental National report for "Rio+10" World Summit. The English translation of the Report was presented to the to CSD/DESA and located in WSSD and Earth Council Web-sites. The conference adopted creation of non-governmental National Council for Sustainable Development. Karine Danielyan was celected as a head of NCSD .
  • The members of Association participated in eight regional Roundtables and seminars dedicated to "Rio+10" process.
    During the Prepcom II Association receive accreditation on WSSD.
  • According the Memorandum, signed with Earth Council in September 2001 association obtain a status of South Caucasian Regional Center for Sustainable Development. Under realization of this project the electronic list-server was organized to disseminate the information on sustainable development and preparation to WSSD.
  • By the initiative of youth NGOs (such youth sections as that of Association "For Sustainable Human Development" and "Yerevan Center of Democracy and Peace"), with the support of specialized UN agencies such as UNDP and UNDPI in Yerevan, Armenian residence of UN a conference "Youth and Sustainable Development" was organized on April 4-5, 2002 .
  • On May 13-14, as continuation to the above mentioned event, a youth conference "Youth Participation in the Process of Solving Environmental Problems" took place. Organizers of the conference were UNDP, NGOs "Khazer", "Burg" and the Youth Section of Association "For Sustainable Human Development".
  • During December 2001 - May 2002 Association under the support of Earth Council and UNEP leaded the creation of nongovernmental National Conception for Sustainable development of RA. This conception was approved by the national conference on May 11.
  • Regional Workshop of Southern Caucasus NGOs on the topic "Exchange of Experience on Preparation to WSSD" took place on May 17-18, 2002 in Yerevan in the UN Office in Armenia. The organizers of the workshop were: Association "For Sustainable Human Development"/Regional Center of the Earth Council on Sustainable Development for Southern Caucasian countries/UNEP National Committee in Armenia, Regional Environmental Center of Caucasus and UN Development Program (UNDP).
         This meeting was the second regional meeting that took place in Southern Caucasus (the first one had been held in Yerevan, Armenia in November 6-7 2000). On the opening of the workshop were present: Minister of Nature Protection MR. V.Aivazyan, Head of Standing Commission of National Assembly of Armenia Mr. G. Tadevosyan, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in RA Ms. Amal Medani. Representative of REC Caucasus Mr. A. Martirosyan and UNDP Program Officer Ms. A. Simonyan actively participated at the workshop.
         Representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenian and Georgian NGOs exchanged information on national assessment reports and experience in participation at regional and global conferences, as well as expressed their opinions concerning the ongoing processes. Participants discussed the Sustainable Development Concept of RA, developed by scientific/nongovernmental sector of RA and the paper "Suggestions on Transition towards Sustainable Development of Countries Covered by Activities of New REC" developed by experts of Regional Ecological Centers. Participants of the workshop exchanged experience regarding various regional and global events connected with the WSSD preparatory process and exchanged information on preparation to the Summit in countries of Southern Caucasus. The appeal of the Forum of RA Youth Organizations to the WSSD was presented, environmental activities of national youth groups of Southern Caucasus and outlooks of youth cooperation in the sphere of SD were discussed.

         Participants of the workshop have decided to initiate the development of a Regional Concept on SD for Southern Caucasian countries at the earliest possible date and have adopted the Final document, which after a revision will be distributed to all NGOs of the region.

  • National Conference "Sustainable Development in Armenia. From Rio to Johannesburg" took place on May 21. The event was organized by RA Government and UNDP. Representatives of government, ministries, Parliament, National Assembly (including the speaker of National Assembly Mr. Armen Khachatryan), local authorities, NGOs, business sector, academia, youth, etc. The discussed:
    - Governmental National Assessment Report "Rio+10";
    - Main Principles of Sustainable Development Concept of RA developed by Non-governmental/scientific sector of Armenia. The main principles of the Concept underwent a discussion and were confirmed;
    - Issues connected with establishment of official NCSD in Armenia.

  • In realization of the decision, adopted by Regional NGO Workshop of Azerbaidzhan, Armenia and Georgia in Yerevan, Armenia in May 17-18, 2002 the group of experts of three countries under assistance of REC Caucasus developed the basic principles of Regional Conception of transition to Sustainable Development. Were organized Round Tables in all three countries for discussing the draft of document. On September 11-12 in Tbilisi, Georgia took place the meeting of experts were the text were discussed. After the e-mail consultations the Final text of the document "Main principles and approaches of the Concept of Sustainable Development for South Caucasus (NGO vision)" were disseminate through Caucasus Region. The English translation was presented during the WSSD in Johannesburg.